We, at Scope Boutique, believe in helping small business owners compete in today's marketplace.

We believe in getting businesses online quickly and efficiently.

We believe in the power of e-commerce.

We believe in communicating with customers...even if they're not walking through our door.

We believe that success is possible. 

Meet the Team

Jeremy Kennell

Jeremy Kennell

Jeremy is a passionate human devoted to mutual success through innovation, pushing boundaries, and getting things done in new ways. He cares deeply about small businesses and wants to help them succeed by creating innovative revenue-generating opportunities. An expert communicator and facilitator, Jeremy partners with small business owners to educate them on tools and processes that will save them time and help them grow their business.

Kimberlee Karr

Kimberlee is a strategic marketing professional with a passion for brand development, lead generation, and e-commerce design. With an unwavering devotion to entrepreneurial driven businesses, Kimberlee has had the exceptional opportunity to hone her skills in fast-paced, agile environments. She is a big-picture thinker with a talent for problem-solving. As a proponent of efficiency, she doesn’t believe in using six words when three will do. Kimberlee strips out the fluff and gets right to the heart of the matter.